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The blacksmiths shop "DimMark" has been successfully working for more than 12 years at the forged products market.
During this period of hard work our shop has gained reputation as a reliable manufacturer of really high quality hand-crafted forged workmanships. "DimMark" products are famous not only for their quality, strength and durability, but also for elegance, beauty and unique design.

Quality of our workmanships is not questioned even by the most demanding and sophisticated customers. Among them are: state higher education institution "Belarusian State University", one of the notable top hotels "Minsk", luxurious restaurant "Sporting Club", one of the biggest capital shopping malls "Aerodromnyi" and many others. We make forged hand-crafted products of the highest quality. All workmanships are made by the professionals using advanced manufacturing techniques, though honoring ancient traditions of blacksmithing. Forged products are not cheap enjoyment. However, considering the level of workmanships, you will be pleasantly surprised with our prices.

Artistic forging

Our blacksmiths shop is also involved in artistic forging. Artistic forging has the status of an essential attribute for centuries, which can create individuality and grandeur, herewith indicating the owner’s position. Artistic forging has many secrets and mysteries that have been passing from father to son for centuries. Nowadays artistic forging underwent changes. The advanced manufacturing techniques are used while making forged products. However, forging and handling are still made by hands of blacksmiths.

The most sophisticated connoisseurs of design and architecture will be amazed by our professionals’ workmanship. Each blacksmith has his own style, that is why it would be impossible to find the same product. Each of them is unique! Design of individual element and original compositions is developed by our professional designers. Artistic forging can also be made according to your design projects. We have a showroom where you can see the examples of our work.
The beauty of patterns, lines elegance, style but durability and strength at the same time are the distinctive traits of our forged products!

We appreciate each client!

Forged products

We make a wide range of forged products either by blacksmithing or cold hammering: interior and landscape items, banisters, fences, driveway gates, balconies, entrance canopies and etc.

Such forged products as gates and fencing will provide reliable protection of your property, at the same time they will perfectly complete the exterior design, accentuating owners’ refined taste and solvency.
The magnificent forged products are also good due to the fact that the metal is the most durable material. Forged products do not wear off and are not affected by the negative weather and time effects. Their beauty and grandeur will remain unchanged for many years.

Cold forging has recently become increasingly popular. Owing to this method metal is not exposed to high temperatures, which contributes to greater material strength.