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The style of your stairs is taking shape... Step by step.

The staircase, a fundamental element in architecture, is the focal point of its environment, defining the area’s style and personality. For this reason, we have been using first-rate materials - such as iron, wood, steel, glass - to create unique designs for over twenty years. In our staircases, old-fashioned craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology unite...merging time-honored traditions with modern innovation.

Forged banisters

Nowadays everyone longs for the house interior and exterior to have a remarkable sight, will be stylish, modern and unique. Such thing does not happen at once and depends more than on one element. A set of factors influence the house interior and exterior.

Forged banisters perform not only safety function, but they also are decorative elements of any room. Forged banisters can be of various shape and add originality.

Forged banisters are, perhaps, the most popular elements nowadays. It can be explained by the surprising durability of such banisters, their beauty and pattern unicity.

To answer how forged banisters look today is rather difficult. In standard houses  typical forged banisters are used, which can't be distinguished from each other.

However, there are more and more customers, who wish to build a house or a cottage and would like to order forged banisters performed according to their individual project.

In order to create really beautiful forged banisters you should find real specialists. To create really beautiful protection for a ladder, it is necessary to find good professionals. The blacksmith shop "DimMark" is the place where you should address if you are used to high-quality work performance. We have excellent experts, who are capable of creating real work of art, as the production of banisters is not such a simple business as it could seem. As we have individual approach to every client and we will consider your any wish, which will be carried out in time and with a guarantee.