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It is known that the house should be beautiful both inside and out. You should concern seriously about home exterior and, furthermore, decorate the adjacent territory. Landscape design is an excellent solution, but not only flower beds can decorate the adjacent area. The role of decorations can be performed by small architectural forms, taking into consideration neighboring territory.

Forged landscape items

Artistic forging is based on the creative approach. Garden furniture, gazebos, pergolas and benches – it is not a complete list of what can be placed near the house. These forged landscape items will create a unique style and a cozy atmosphere.

Besides, forged landscape furniture will serve for decades, as it is extremely consistent. Any house owner wants the garden furniture to perform its main function, but also to accentuate an  individual style. The blacksmith shop "DimMark" offers forged landscape items for any taste, from classic to avant-garde style. Forged garden furniture is very practical and at the same time it looks noble. The choice of furniture for the garden is no less difficult than buying furniture for the house, as it should dispose to rest!

Pergola, resembling a gazebo and being an architectural form serves as a support for climbing plants and is a very beautiful decoration for backyard. Locally pergola has become popular recently. This forged construction looks particularly impressive.

Forged gazebo will not only decorate house backyard, but also will become the place where the whole family and friends meet.

Without hand-forged landscape items, the landscape design will be incomplete. Addressing to the blacksmith shop "DimMark", you will get unique artistic forging items created by our professionals.