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Forged window grates have two important functions. First of all, window grates are nice part of the exterior, and secondly, they perfectly protect your property from intrusion by trespassers. If you want to add charm to your house exterior and create a noble palace style - forged window grates are just what you need!

Forged window grates of your house

The house should be beautiful both inside and out. Interior and exterior reveal the owner and tell about his social status, incomes, and what is the most important - about sense of style and the presence or absence of taste.

As every building has windows, each of them attracts trespassers. That is why it is often necessary to assume special measures for protection. Windows protection can be achieved by several ways: through special glasses, locking systems, and, of course, forged window grates.

Someone might say that the forged window grates will not definitely protect against theft. However, according to the official statistics, 92% of thieves choose houses without forged window grates, which are an additional barrier.

It is not only that the thief does not want to deal with forged window grates. The attempt to get into the house through the forged window grates will require a lot of efforts, time and create noise. This, undoubtedly, will not satisfy the thief, as attracting attention is unlikely to be part of his plan.

So, one comes to a conclusion, that forged window grates act as ‘passive’ safety elements.

You also should not forget that window grates are the traditional element of the exterior. In the catalogue of our products you will find a wide selection of forged window grates, some of them can rightly be called the blacksmith work of art, as forging is practically a jewelry art that requires great professionalism and skills.

The blacksmith shop "DimMark" manufactures a wide range of forged products, including forged window grates. Our professionals have great experience and will perform forging of any complexity in the shortest time. The individual approach to each client means that your idea will turn into reality.