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Pergola is an element of landscape architecture, and it is a construction consisting of several arched sections. Pergola construction means that the cross bars will be winded with flowers, as such an item is used in landscape design.


Forged pergolas

There a natural roof is formed, which, even on the hottest day, saves from heat in its shadow and gives coolness.

Forged pergolas are especially good. They look very romantic and easy, but at the same time they are firm and stable. Pergolas can be diverse in style and form. There are many ways to emphasize the construction originality, for example the cross bars can be placed on different levels – this will add dynamics and unicity to the construction.

Another pergola advantage is that it can be decorated with different additional elements. Sometimes there are pergola variants when the entrance is decorated with special brackets between the support columns.

The height of pergola is not big - it usually does not exceed 2 – 2,5 meters. Often a pergola is placed on the step basis, which marks it out of the common landscape.

If you have already decided to place a forged pergola in your garden, diversifying the landscape design, but do not know whom to entrust such an order, contact our blacksmithing shop "DimMark," where excellent specialists work. We perform the order of any complexity and you will be satisfied with the result.